Basic Principles of the Selection Process

The Basic Principles of the Selection Process are as follows:

1. The applicants will get the highest ranked institution/private practice on their rank order list that has an opening for them.

2. Whether the institution/private practice is open to an applicant is dependent on selection and on the slots not being filled with applicants ranked higher by the institution/private practice.

3. Applicants may apply to any number of programs, thus increasing the possibility of obtaining an internship or residency.

4. Applicants can not be matched to an institution/private practice that does not appear on the applicant's rank order list.

5. The applicant's rank order list is confidential.

6. The institution/private practice's rank order list is confidential.

7. Unmatched applicants will be notified by the VIRMP on Match Day.

8. Institutions and private practices can place limitations on the number of applicants they will accept from one college of veterinary medicine. This will assure a broader representation of universities in the program.


Applicants and institutions/private practices are fully committed to the results of the matching program when they sign the electronic agreement (Terms of Service) at the time an account is created. Neither may negotiate inside or outside the matching program until the match results have been announced. Doing so is a violation of VIRMP rules and will result in a sanction. Applicants do not have to divulge their rankings. A request by an institution/private practice to divulge an applicant's ranking is a violation of VIRMP rules and should be reported.

Completion of Selection Process

Following the completion of the matching process, participants will be notified via email to sign into the website to get their match. The institution/private practice will contact all successful applicants to confirm starting dates and formalize the agreement.

Publication of Matched and Unmatched Candidate Names

The VIRMP will publish these lists after the match results have been released:

(a) A list of all matched applicants and the program to which they were matched.

(b) A list of all unmatched applicants, including their address, telephone number, and type of program to which they applied.

These lists will be provided to all participating institutions/private practices on the day match results are released. The purpose of publishing the list of unmatched applicants is to facilitate the placement of as many applicants as possible into training programs. The unmatched list will only be provided to programs participating in the VIRMP.