Withdrawal Regulations

The VIRMP publishes the deadline dates for application submission, rank order list submission and withdrawal from the matching program. These deadlines are to be rigidly adhered to by applicants and institutions/private practices. It is a violation of the matching program's rules, and commonly expected professional ethics, for an institution/private practice or an applicant to withdraw from the matching program after the deadline for withdrawal. Further, it is expected that applicants will accept a position for which they have been matched, unless they have properly withdrawn from the matching program prior to the withdrawal deadline.

If an applicant or institution/private practice has reason to withdraw from the VIRMP after the deadline for withdrawal, they should immediately notify the VIRMP in writing via email. All withdrawal requests must include a reason. If a program was filled outside the VIRMP, the institution/private practice must provide the VIRMP with the name of the person to whom the position was offered. The VIRMP Director, in consultation with the AAVC Executive Committee, will determine if the reason for withdrawal is acceptable. If the reason for withdrawal is deemed acceptable, no sanction will be imposed.

If an institution/private practice is unable to accept a matched intern or resident after the withdrawal deadline for acceptable reasons, such as inadequate funding, the institution/private practice must submit a written statement requesting withdrawal for reasons of unforeseen under-funding, and the VIRMP Director shall grant the withdrawal without sanctions.

If the VIRMP Director in consultation with the AAVC Executive Committee that an applicant or an institution/private practice withdrew in violation of the rules of the matching program, said applicant or institution/private practice shall not be permitted to participate in the VIRMP for three (3) consecutive years following the year of the violation.