The Matching Process

Application Process:

The VIRMP acts as an agent in matching the applicant to the institution or private practice. The prospective intern or resident first reviews the position description of institutions and private practices that are offering the type of program they seek. By contacting the institution directly, consulting faculty or colleagues, visiting the institution, etc., a final choice of programs to rank will be made. THE CANDIDATE MUST APPLY ONLY TO THE PROGRAMS WHICH HE OR SHE IS WILLING TO ACCEPT. Applying, without being willing to accept the position, is contrary to the purpose and proper functioning of the system. Most of the institutions and private practices that participate in the VIRMP utilize the standard VIRMP Application Packet. However, the applicant must fulfill the application requirements established by each institution or private practice.

Applying for BOTH an internship and a residency program:

Persons who apply to both an internship and residency program (dual applicants) will be considered in the residency match first. If the dual applicant is matched to a residency program, they will be removed from the list of internship applicants. If the dual applicant is not matched to a residency program, they will be included in the internship match provided they have completed an internship application and finalized an internship rank order list. Note: Dual applicants must finalize an internship rank order list and a residency rank order list.

Applying as a Couple:

The VIRMP does not provide special accommodations for couples applying together. However, certain strategies may increase the likelihood that couples match at the same location.

  1. You may wish to contact institutions or private practices that have programs of interest to both partners and discuss your desire to be matched to programs at the same location. This may provide information that helps you determine which institutions or private practices you should rank as a couple.
  2. Determine the location that both partners prefer AND to which both partners have the best chance of matching. Both partners should rank programs at this location high, ideally first.
  3. If one partner is a stronger candidate than the other or if one partner is more likely to be matched at a location, both partners should select the location that provides the best opportunity for the stronger candidate. Both partners should rank programs at this location high, ideally first.

Commitment Process:

One of the most important aspects of participation in the VIRMP is the early commitment which is made by the applicant; that is, the applicant must agree to accept a position at any of the institutions or private practices which he/she ranked. When creating an account, the applicant will electronically sign an agreement to this effect. Failure to comply will result in sanctions including a ban from participation in the VIRMP for at least 3 years. This agreement must be completed online no later than February 14, 2025.

Ranking Process (Applicant):

Applicants create a rank order list by listing programs to which they have applied in order of preference. When the rank order list is finalized, the applicant has committed to accept any program listed. The applicant's rank order list is confidential.

Ranking Process (Institution or Private Practice):

Institutions and private practices create a rank order list by listing applicants they are willing to accept into their internship or residency program in order of preference. The rank order list is confidential. The institution or private practice is making a commitment to accept any of the applicants listed on their rank order list.

Starting and Ending Dates:

The AAVC recommends that the starting date for a specialty internship or residency program be on or after July 15th, and that the ending date of an internship program be no later than July 5th.