Application Packets

Your application packet contains the materials that programs use to review your qualifications. Some programs may require materials that are not included in the application packet. These materials must be sent directly to the program. Please consult their program description for additional instructions.

All items in your application packet, including your personal statement, will be provided to all programs to which you apply. If you apply to both internships and residencies, you must submit a personal statement and references for each match. Your internship personal statement and letters of reference will be provided to internship programs and your residency personal statement and letters of reference will be provided to residency programs. You must submit a list of references for each match even if the lists contain the same people.

VIRMP Application

The VIRMP application is completed online and contains the following questions:

  • Your Contact Information
  • School Granting your Veterinary Degree
  • Special Disciplinary Interest
  • Your Current Position
  • Publications, research or other pertinent experience
  • Post-DVM Training Programs Completed
  • Work Authorization
    • Are you a citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States and/or Canada?
    • Are you currently an alien authorized to work in the United States and/or Canada?


You will enter information into your application packet for each veterinary school you attended. You will provide the following information:

  • School Name
  • Location
  • Degree
  • GPA (If your school does not provide GPA, enter NA)
  • Class Rank (If your school does not provide class rank, enter NA)
  • Academic Honors

When you have entered the information, you will be provided with a transcript cover sheet. This cover sheet should be provided to your Registrar to be included with your transcript. This cover sheet provides the mailing address and information to match the transcript with your application packet. Upon receipt of your transcript, it will be scanned by the VIRMP and placed in your online application packet. You will receive an email when your transcript has been processed. Transcripts may take several business days from receipt to be processed. All transcripts received by December 3, 2018 will be processed prior to the deadline.

The VIRMP cannot accept transcripts via email and all transcripts must be sent via USPS or other delivery service.

All transcripts must be original and in English. If you graduated from a school outside of the United States and Canada and your school will not mail transcripts, you may submit a notarized copy. If your transcript is not available in English, it must be translated by a Certified Translation Service. The translation service can send the transcript to the VIRMP.

Personal Statement

You will upload your personal statement in PDF format. Your personal statement should be one to two pages in length and discuss your expectations of an internship/residency program and your future professional goals. In addition, we encourage you to describe your anticipated contributions to your matched institution. These may include life experiences, background, past activities or unique personal characteristics that would contribute to the program in meaningful ways.

Curriculum Vitae

You will upload your curriculum vitae in PDF format. Uploads cannot exceed 1MB in size.

Letters of Reference

Reference writers must complete the Standardized Letter of Reference (SLOR) through the VIRMP website. You will submit the contact information for each person providing a reference. The reference writer will receive a unique email allowing them to complete the letter online. If you apply to both internships and residencies and you use the same people as references, your reference writer must complete a letter for each match. The VIRMP does not accept narrative letters of reference. All reference letters are confidential and will not be provided to the applicant. You can view a copy of the questions on the SLOR at The questions are subject to change.


The VIRMP application deadlines are strongly enforced. You must complete your application packet and apply to programs by December 3, 2018 at 9:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. The VIRMP will continue to process transcripts and letters of reference after December 3, 2018 but you must enter school and reference information into your application packet prior to the deadline.